what we do

Babelon helps both small and large companies, their founders and managers to:

  • Build and capture value. We work with clients to develop technology and IP strategies that reflect business objectives, competences and needs, to maximise the commercial gain from invention.
  • Explore, understand and align attitudes to risk. We believe that a key success factor, particularly for small companies, is the alignment of inventors, founders, investors and employees.
  • Take a holistic perspective. We integrate IP, R&D, financial, legal aspects to maximise return.

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    Services for start-up and technology-transfer companies

    The founders of Babelon have all worked in the start-up and technology-transfer setting and do understand what it is like to have a great invention, but no team, money or plan to turn this invention into value. We have been through this process, understand and empathise; we are experienced at helping companies with academic origins to grow, gain traction, funding and develop patent and commercial strategy. We have worked extensively with technology transfer offices to introduce the commercial analysis, process and portfolio management, which is critical to optimising the institutional benefits from academic invention and discovery.

    Babelon advisors will help through each step of the process, from accurately assessing commercial potential of your invention, understanding your goals and objectives and your attitude to risk, to company formation and funding, through to an initial patent application and defining a corporate growth strategy.

    For smaller clients, we are exceptionally prepared to take interim operational roles. Our fee structure is designed to allow start-ups and inventors to access the best possible advice early in their development, setting them off on the right track to growth.

    Services for SMEs

    Marketing, development and IP protection are rarely strategically coordinated in one coherent process within SMEs, leading to sub-optimal patenting and both wasted costs and opportunities. Babelon takes a corporate overview of IP strategy, taking the time to understand how IP fits into value creation and capture. We help the entire organisation to adopt an IP mindset and provide the internal technical tools to develop a coordinated approach to strategic asset management.

    We analyze the competitive and IP landscape around your business: Where are the opportunities to gain value through the capture of unclaimed territory? What are the threats of litigation or becoming fenced in? Does your protection reflect your exposure to clients, contract manufacturers, suppliers?

    We analyze the potential of your technology from an IP perspective: Which business models are best suited to capture the maximal value of your technology? Where can you attain enforceable protection? Where do your technological strengths best match the IP landscape?

    We provide advice to establish your business to shield intellectual assets from business, tax and liability risks.

    The activities we employ in our efforts are adapted to your size, needs and resources, and include the drafting of analyses and reports, coaching of individual team members and teaching in groups and seminars.

    Large company services

    Internal IP departments often conduct the day-to-day business of patent application managment extremely well, but are often less good at taking an overall and objective corporate perspective on value creation, free from internal pressures.

    Babelon presents external and objective IP analysis and benchmarking, working from first principles. We are able to appraise both the IP itself and the internal IP framework and approach.